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Sussex County, DE has become a highly desirable area to live in.  Of course the beach towns like Rehoboth, Lewes, Dewey and Bethany have always been popular.  Though as more people are moving to Slower Lower Delaware for the low taxes, salt air and style of living the surrounding inland towns North and West are increasing in demand. As such many people are choosing to build their own home.

There are a number of home builders in the area each with their individual styles, availability, price and construction philosophy.  A lot of our clients want to find the perfect location and buy their lot first.  Then when they are ready they will have a builder of their choosing construct their dream home. Others prefer to build in planned communities by one or more individual builders.  They choose the community they want to live in based on amenities offered, price, location, and commitment.

Call Joe and David at 717-991-5470 or contact us to discuss your needs. We would love to organize and give you a home builders tour tailored to your criteria.  Remember, the sales agents at a builder work for the seller. Only, if we at least make the initial arrangement can we represent you as your REALTOR for new construction projects.  So before you visit a model home contact us so that we can register you with the builder and make the appointment for you.  Though we prefer and it is best that we accompany you on your first visit. Just as with home resales, Joe and David do not charge our new construction buyers a fee for our services. In this case we are compensated by the builder. Builders love to work with REALTORS and they don’t offer you a better deal if you aren’t represented. It is only in your best interest to choose The REALTORS at the Homestead to help you navigate the lengthy process of choosing a builder and having your home built.

You can browse new construction homes in our Search.  Just be sure to choose YES for new construction to limit your results to just those houses.  Many of the pictures will be of the model homes. If in the details of the search results Construction Completed is marked as yes -then that home is ready to buy immediately. Either way, call Joe and David or contact us for a showing.

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