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Our Mission:

Joe and David of Team Homestead REALTORS have three core responsibilities whether you want us to sell your home or be your buyer’s agent.

  1. Presale Duties
    1. As your listing agents charged with selling your home we will use a number of tools at our disposal to market your home. Contact us to schedule a listing appointment to discuss a customized plan to get your home sold as quickly as possible.
    2. As your buyer’s agents we will help find the right home for you through extensive research and in person showings
  2. Aggressive Representation. As your REALTORS we will aggressively represent your interest in the negotiation process. We are very talented businessmen and we know how to get the best price for you whether you’re a buyer or a seller.
  3. Post Contract Support. Steps one and two are the easy parts. This last part is where deals fall apart if not handled by experienced and well tempered real estate agents. Whether you’re selling or buying we will be there to navigate post contract negotiations, work hand in hand with lenders, contractors and settlement attorneys. Our number 1 responsiblity is to get you to the settlement table.

Our Listings:

These are the properties we are actively selling for our clients.

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